College of Arts & Science

Altman Scholars

The Humanities Center invites applications from faculty interested in joining the 2019-2020 Altman Fellows Program, “Time & Temporality.”  The Center will appoint six or more Altman Faculty Scholars to take part in this program, which is described in detail below.

The program will be led by two Altman Fellows, Professor Elaine Miller (Philosophy) and Professor Jonathan Strauss (French and Italian).

Altman Scholars will join Elaine and Jonathan in a year-long, interdisciplinary faculty seminar.  Altman Faculty Scholars are expected to attend all Altman events, to collaborate with each other, to present some of their own research or creative work on campus during the year of the program, to link their courses to the program, and to help plan program events beginning in spring 2019.  Applicants should be aware that most Altman Program events occur weekdays at 5 p.m. and that the faculty seminar usually meets Fridays around lunchtime. Selected faculty will be encouraged to request teaching assignments that do not conflict with these times.  Each Altman Scholar will receive a $2,500 professional expenses account for use during the 2019-2020 academic year. The program is open to tenure-line and TCPL faculty.

To apply, please read the program description below and provide the Humanities Center Steering Committee with a c.v. and a 1-2 page statement indicating how your research and teaching might contribute to, and benefit from, the program. Please also include the name of one or more outstanding students who could benefit from participation as undergraduate or graduate fellows.  These students will be nominated and invited to apply. Please submit your application in a single PDF document titled “[Yourlastname] 2019 Altman Application.pdf” to by 5 p.m. Monday, January 27, 2020.

Please direct questions to Tim Melley, Director of the Humanities Center, at