College of Arts & Science

Research Apprentice Program

Receive the Help of a Research Apprentice

This program places undergraduates into one-on-one collaborations with faculty. Each fall, faculty members apply for funding to hire student research apprentices. Awards are made on a rolling basis, starting in late September. As awards are made, the Humanities Center advertises research apprenticeship opportunities and students are invited to apply directly to faculty members. Faculty members can select their apprentices beginning in the second week of October.  

Interested faculty should send a 1- to 2-page application describing 1) an ongoing or planned research project; 2) how an undergraduate might contribute to some aspect of the project; and 3) any qualifications the apprentice should have. Faculty may apply after the deadline, but the steering committee will begin to select suitable projects shortly after the deadline. In the past, most awards have been made in September, and once funding is exhausted, no more projects will be approved for the current academic year.

All awards for 2018 have been made. The next round of awards will be made after September 21, 2019.