College of Arts & Science

Research Methods Workshop

For information about our 2020 Workshop please fill out the form found here. You will be notified once registration begins.

This two-week workshop aims to boost the number of undergraduates who undertake independent research. Intended for first, second and third year students, it introduces students to best practices in major disciplinary traditions and the workshop will include visits by faculty in various humanities fields, such as literature, history, language, classics, philosophy, and comparative religion.   

During the workshop, each student will prepare a research proposal, find a specialist advisor, create and annotate a bibliography of initial readings, write an abstract, and make a schedule of work. Participants will leave the workshop with a formal proposal that they can submit for a University Summer Scholarship, a Dean's Scholarship, or an Honors project. 

The workshop is offered free of charge to humanities majors. It may also be taken for 1 credit (with tuition payment).

To take the workshop for 1 credit and a record of participation on your transcript, please enroll through the normal course registration process for any of the following: ENG 199.A, HST 199.A, PHL 199.A.