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Laptop Lectures

Laptop Lectures Series 2: RACE & RACISM

Humanities scholarship can provide essential perspectives on our country's ongoing struggle with racial inequality and systemic injustice. Building on our first Laptop Lecture series about the COVID-19 pandemic in the spring, this series of "one-minute" lectures--recorded by faculty in social isolation--show how faculty research can illuminate the historical, cultural, and systemic challenges surrounding racial identity.

Blackness, Nature, and Violence
Stefanie Dunning
Associate Professor of English
Black Lives Matter
Rodney Coates
Professor of Critical Race and Ethnic Studies
Challenging the Idea of the 'Anonymous' African Artist
Jordan Fenton
Assistant Professor of Art and Architecture History
White Savior Freedom Summer
Ann Elizabeth Armstrong
Associate Professor of Theatre
Recasting the Dynamics of Racial and Social Justice
Naaborle Sackeyfio
Assistant Professor of Global and Intercultural Studies
Speculative Fiction as/and Anti-Racism
Helane Androne
Professor of English

Laptop Lectures Series 1: COVID-19

Recorded by faculty in social isolation, these two-minute talks connect ongoing humanities research to contemporary social challenges. While we adjust to new contexts for teaching, thinking, and writing, Laptop Lectures offer perspective on human experience and the issues of our day.

Voting Rights in a Time of Pandemic
Kimberly Hamlin
Associate Professor of History
Cities and Epidemics
Steve Conn
W. E. Smith Professor of History
The Shroud of Turin in the Age of COVID-19
Andrew Casper
Associate Professor of Art and Architecture History
Narratives of Aging in the COVID-19 Pandemic
Kate de Medeiros
Professor of Gerontology
The Diaries of Käthe Kollwitz
Erik Jensen
Associate Professor of History
A New New Deal?
Allan Winkler
Emeritus Professor of History
Ciudad Corona: A Street Art Installation
Jana Braziel
Western College Endowed Professor
Community, Classrooms, and COVID-19
Michael Hicks
Assistant Professor of Philosophy