College of Arts & Science
Develop Your Digital Project

A collaboration between the Miami University Humanities Center and the Miami University Libraries, the Digital Humanities Fellowship program aims to help identify and support digital humanities research.  

One successful applicant will receive a $2,000 professional expense budget and substantial technical assistance from Miami University Libraries’ Center for Digital Scholarship (CDS). The CDS will provide staff support to the development of the project over the course of one year.  The nature of support will be based on specific project needs. Applicants must be full-time permanent faculty.

Fellowship research funds may be used flexibly for any professional expenses related to the project. Applicants are strongly encouraged to consider using these funds to employ undergraduate or graduate student apprentices on the project.  The Humanities Center can assist in the hiring and compensation of such workers through its existing Apprenticeship Program.

Applications should consist of a 1-2 page description of the proposed project indicating:

  • the central questions, methods, and purpose of the project
  • relevant context or background
  • the investigator’s experience or preparation for undertaking both the humanistic and technical aspects of the work.  (Deficits in the latter are expected and will not disqualify applicants.)
  • potential impact on and value for the public, scholarly audiences, or the digital humanities
  • projected needs, including student or staff assistance with data entry, technical issues, education and training, or long-term project maintenance
  • possibilities for collaboration with students, other faculty members, or technologists
  • tentative timetable of proposed activities
  • a budget, indicating total costs of student labor (at $9 hr. undergraduate and $11/hr. graduate) and other categories of expenditure.
  • a statement of chair’s support for the fellowship if the applicant is pre-tenure

Applicants are encouraged to schedule a brief consultation with the Center for Digital Scholarship prior to application to discuss feasibility, timeline, and other matters related to implementation.  Any relevant advice or guidance from this session can be included in the application statement.

Winners will be encouraged to share completed projects on the Miami University Libraries’ Scholarly Commons.

The deadline for 2019-20 applications is April 24, 2020. Please direct questions about the application process to the director of the Humanities Center.