College of Arts & Science
Receive the Help of a Research Apprentice

This program places faculty and outstanding students in mutually beneficial collaborations aimed at advancing faculty research.  Apprentices develop one-on-one relationships with faculty and gain valuable experience in humanities research.  Faculty receive help on ongoing projects.

Such partnerships sometimes also lead to supervision of independent student research, but the Apprenticeship Program is not intended to support independent study or intensive, one-on-one teaching.  Its aim is to provide faculty with essential assistance on major research projects  while also familiarizing students with basic methods and ongoing faculty research.

Interested faculty should send a 1- to 2-page application describing 1) an ongoing or planned research project; 2) how an undergraduate might contribute to some aspect of the project; and 3) any qualifications the apprentice should have. Faculty may apply after the deadline, but the steering committee will begin to select suitable projects shortly after the deadline. In the past, most awards have been made in September, and once funding is exhausted, no more projects will be approved for the current academic year. To apply please send your proposal to

All faculty awards for 2019 have now been made. Review of faculty applications will begin on September 17, 2020. Early submission is highly recommended.

For a look at this years projects or if you are a student and wish to apply, please click HERE.

If you are interested in past apprenticeship projects please visit our archival page.