opportunities for faculty

Humanities Grants 

The Humanities Center provides support for dozens of lectures, readings, symposia, and conferences each year. Grants are awarded on a rolling basis three times throughout the year.  Applications are due on August 28, 2020, January 7, 2021 and April 2, 2021. Funds for 2020 - 2021 will be extremely limited.

The John W. Altman Program in the Humanities

The Altman Program is a multifaceted, yearlong exploration of a critical issue in the humanities. Each year, the program includes a large lecture series, a symposium, a faculty seminar, special classes, and intense research collaborations. Pairs of prospective Altman Faculty Fellows are invited to propose topics of broad interest to Miami's humanities communitiy. Once selected, Altman Fellows work with the Humanities Center Steering Committee to build a robust public program and assembled a diverse team of Altman Faculty Scholars and student fellows. Altman Fellows are awarded half-time teaching loads and $2,500 professional expense funds. Altman Scholars receive $2,500 in professional expense funds. Altman Fellowship applications are due Friday November 6, 2020. Altman Scholar applications are due January 8, 2021.

Humanities Labs

The Miami University Humanities Center invites applications for a new program that integrates faculty research and teaching in innovative ways. Humanities Labs aim to bring together faculty from the humanities and related disciplines in student-engaged research projects organized around a central theme. Embracing the true sense of laboratory experimentation familiar to the sciences, Humanities Labs will promote skill-building, hands-on experimentation and outcomes communicable to the Miami community and beyond. Applications are due November 30, 2020.


As humanists we’re all well aware that the skills students learn in our classrooms are essential in the workplace. But students and the general public don’t always make that connection. Over the past four years at Miami, the College of Arts and Science, the Center for Career Exploration and Success, and the Humanities Center have organized two HumanitiesWorks programs, involving 20 faculty and staff, in efforts to address this problem. Please contact the director for more information about this program.

Junior Faculty Seminar

The Junior Faculty Seminar fosters community and cross-disciplinary connections among  assistant professors in the humanities and allied disciplines. To join, simply contact the Director of the Humanities Center.

Research Apprenticeship Program

The Research Apprenticeship Program supports humanities faculty research by pairing faculty with outstanding students to complete a research task. Faculty receive professional development funds plus 40 hours of paid labor from the student apprentice of their choice. Applications are considered on a rolling based beginning on August 28, 2020.

Scholarly Publishing Programs

The Humanities Center supports faculty authors through a variety of programs. In 2020, the center will offer a book proposal workshop. Applications are due November 30, 2020.

The Research Collaborative

Faculty are invited to propose innovative ways of working together across institutional boundaries. One team will receive $10,000 to support their project. This program will not be offered in 2020-2021.

Interdisciplinary Research Clusters

Numerous research groups meet throughout the year to share work-in-progress and discuss emerging scholarship. Faculty are invited to propose new groups or to join existing ones. Humanities Center funding is available to support a variety of activities by participants.

Digital Research Fellowships

Each year, the Humanities Center and the Miami University Libraries offer one or more Digital Research Fellowships. Each fellow receives $2,000 in funding and substantial support from the libraries' Center for Digital Scholarship. Applications for 2020-2021 are due April 23 , 2021.

External Opportunities for Humanities Scholars

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