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Research Clusters

Cross-disciplinary research groups allow faculty and students to exchange emerging work, receive valuable feedback, and meet with leading scholars.

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The Altman Program

The Humanities Center's largest program brings together leading scholars with Miami faculty and students for a yearlong study of salient public issues.

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Humanities Labs

Teams of faculty and students from different disciplines engage in projects that address social challenges, promote skill-building and experimentation, and engage with the public.

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laptop lectures

Black Live Matter
Do You Have a Minute?
Humanities scholarship can provide essential perspectives on our country's ongoing struggle with racial inequality and systemic injustice. Building off of our first Laptop Lecture series on the COVID-19 pandemic in the spring, this series of "one-minute" lectures--recorded by faculty in social isolation--discuss ways in which faculty research can provide insight into the historical, cultural, and systemic challenges surrounding racial identity.
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Data Shows Humanities Majors Achieve Career Success
March 6, 2020

Tim Melley and recent Miami history graduate, Jacob Bruggeman, appeared on WVXU's Cincinnati Edition to discuss HumanitiesWorks, a program to ensure that humanities majors receive evidence-based career guidance.

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Understanding the world requires funding.
The Humanities Center provides support for research,
collaborative study, visiting scholars and artists,
creative pedagogy, and public engagement.

a hub for humanities scholars

Two early-career faculty members discuss research in a room with bookshelves

Intellectual Community

The Humanities Center supports faculty working in areas such as Environmental Studies, Medical Humanities, Early Modern Studies, American Cultures, Digital Humanities, and other communities of interest, which meet regularly to discuss emerging scholarship and work-in progress.  The center offers grants to bring visiting intellectuals and writers to campus.

A Forum for Enduring Questions

Each year, the Altman Program assembles a team of two dozen faculty, students, and distinguished visitors to undertake intense study of a pressing topic. The program forges connections to the arts, social sciences, and sciences in the belief that the humanites are central to academia and the public good. Each year, Altman public events attract thousands.

Funding for Innovative Research

The Humanities Center provides apprentices for faculty researchers, collaborative grants to seed high impact teamwork, and digital fellowships for innovative public-facing and computational work. 

Scholarly Publishing Workshops

Our interdisciplinary workshops help faculty advance their scholarship and disseminate their ideas.  Programs on book proposals, digital skills, and public writing emphasize collaboration and offer consultations with academic editors and visiting experts.

Support for New Faculty

The Junior Faculty Seminar meets throughout the year to discuss research and publishing; major intellectual currents, opportunities for collaboration, common teaching and resaerch challenges, and other topics central to the lives of junior faculty members.  



The Humanities Center takes on
multi-year projects to build capacity,
locate new resources, serve the community,
and advocate for the value of the humanities.
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