How Apprenticeships Work

This program places undergraduates into one-on-one collaborations with faculty.  Each fall, faculty members apply for funding to hire student research apprentices.  Awards are made on a rolling basis, starting in late September.  The Humanities Center advertises research apprenticeship opportunities on this page, and students are invited to apply.  Faculty members make selections beginning in the second week of October.

Students interested in serving as research apprentices should check this page frequently during the fall. When a job becomes available, contact the professor advertising it.

Faculty members interested in the program should visit the Faculty Research Apprenticeship Program page for instructions on how to apply.

If you are interested in past apprenticeship projects please visit our archival page.
All 2017-2018 Research Apprentice Positions have been filled at this time. Please check back in early October 2018 for open positions for the 2018-2019 academic year.

2019-2020  Apprenticeship Projects

Applications for 2019-2020 Research Apprentice Positions are now CLOSED. If you are interested in receiving notification for fall of 2020 please complete the form located HERE. For additional questions please email the center at

The History of American Road Trips and Journeys

Andrew Offenburger

This project explores the historical roots of the American “road trip” genre, and that of American journeys more broadly. I am seeking an undergraduate research assistant to join me on a bibliographic adventure investigating this genre: to compile, summarize, and categorize all manners of road-trip journeys throughout American history. Applicants should have a general interests in U.S. history, American studies, and/or English, and should feel comfortable reading and analyzing fiction, memoirs, and journals. Ideal candidates will have a passion for exploratory reading and following references to forgotten texts.  

Madeline Phaby, Sam Purkiss

Chinese-language Scholarship on the Kirghiz Epic Tradition (Year 3)

Daniel Prior

I would like to find a research apprentice with good knowledge of Chinese and English to help me check and edit Chinese translations of my scholarly works on the Kirghiz (Central Asian Turkic) epic tradition, which a scholar in China has produced with the intention of publishing them in an academic venue. Knowledge of both Chinese and English (native Chinese and good English, or native English and excellent Chinese) is required; some interest in literature, history, oral tradition, or the minority nationalities of China is desired. The work will probably not be ready to start until late in the fall semester.

Dan Luo

Tracing Survivors from the AD 79 Eruption of Vesuvius

Steven L. Tuck

A research apprentice is sought to conduct research to attempt to trace survivors from Pompeii and Herculaneum from the eruption of Vesuvius in AD 79. This project involves using Latin inscriptions to search for Pompeian or Herculanean names in other communities in the post-eruption period. Responsibilities include:

  1. Working with me to identify the most-likely names and then searching the online Latin inscription databases by Roman family names known from Pompeii and Herculaneum for possible survivors. Careful record keeping and attention to detail is essential.
  2. Meeting regularly, we will review results and make any necessary adjustments in the process. The final product of the research will be a database of survivors.
Sean Longbrake, Charles Hoffmann

Orthodoxy on Trial: The Show Trials of Orthodox Believers in Soviet Russia

Francesca Silano

The project examines a series of trials of Russian Orthodox believers that occurred between 1918 and 1923 in the Soviet Union.

The research apprentice’s responsibilities include:

  1. Read and summarize archival documents from Russian archives.
  2. Read and summarize printed Russian-language sources such as legal journals
    from the time, as well as some secondary literature on the topic, in order to better
    understand the legal context of these trials.

Qualifications: The applicant must have an advanced knowledge of written Russian.

Oleg Bondarenko

Democracy, Media, and Public Opinion in the former Soviet Union

Hannah Chapman

A research apprentice is sought to contribute to the development of two related research projects on public opinion, media, and democracy in the former Soviet Union. These projects examine the development of public opinion as it relates to misinformation and support for democracy in Russia and Uzbekistan. Responsibilities include:

  1. Analysis of focus groups and interview transcripts. The research apprentice will be expected to read Russian and English language focus-groups and interview transcripts. They will then analyze the tone and content of these transcripts along with a variety of predetermined themes. Intermediate to advanced knowledge of written Russian is required.
  2. Preparation of a detailed annotated bibliography. The apprentice will be expected to read and synthesize academic books and articles on the themes laid out in the focus groups and interviews.
Sofiya Kryvoruchenko

Performing Social Justice Humanities Teaching Lab: Stage Manager / Designer

Ann Elizabeth Armstrong

Performing Social Justice Humanities Teaching Lab in Spring 2020 will culminate in a short collaborative performance. This research assistant will contribute to this performance in two ways:

  1. serve as stage manager
  2. provide design expertise

As stage manager, the assistant will reserve rehearsal space, take notes on blocking, and maintain the prompt book. S/he will also become the designer, creating a visual treatment, such as a projection design as well as other supporting elements. During the final performance, the stage manager/designer will call the show and co-ordinate various elements with the help of the ensemble. The ideal candidate should have an interest in social justice, performance/theatre, design and/or management. S/he needs to be able to communicate clearly, be organized and self-driven, and have familiarity with relevant technology.  An interest in exploring visual concepts and team work are a must. Some experience in technical theatre is helpful.

Alexa Stratzer

Performing Social Justice Humanities Teaching Lab: Dramaturge / Social Media

Katie Johnson

I seek an undergraduate Research Apprentice to assist with dramaturgical, social media, and archival work for the Humanities Center Teaching Lab, Performing Social Justice.

 The research apprentice can contribute to the Teaching Lab in two ways:

  1. spear-head dramaturgical work
  2. create a social media plan and archive of the performance

As dramaturg, the student will assist those in the Teaching Lab to devise an original performance piece. The apprentice will research the topic, educate the cast and audience about the topic, make textual and staging suggestions, supervise script revisions and provide editorial assistance, help facilitate conversations between the cast and community, and stage manage rehearsals.  S/he will also create a social media platform to document the rehearsal project, market the project, and archive the work of the Teaching Lab.  

The ideal candidate will have an interest in social justice, performance/theatre, and research.  S/he needs to be able to conduct research, write clearly and compellingly, collaborate with others, and be organized and self-driven.

Grace Pierce

St. Catherine’s Influence Through her Letters

Andrea Righi

The apprentice will assist with the gathering, cataloguing, and analyzing information regarding specific letters. They will track the addressee and available data regarding the most important personalities (the Popes, the Queen of Naples, other ecclesiastic and imperial dignitaries etc.) mentioned in the documents. S/he will draft short index cards with brief explanatory annotations that, once revised, will be included in the Story Map Cascade. The apprentice will discuss with Professor Righi and the other student the various cases s/he discovers along the way. Additionally, the apprentice will be asked to proofread all the content that will be published in the digital project.  Advanced knowledge of Italian is required.

Christian Contessa

Paintings for the Visually Impaired: Phase II

John Humphries

This research project seeks to convert visual art forms into tactile sculpture objects.

The successful apprentice will have some familiarity with digital imaging software (e.g. Adobe Photoshop), using a camera, and some experience researching; mentorship will be provided where there are gaps in skills etc. Research apprentices will:

  1. assist researching other artists who work in a cross-sensory manner
  2. assist with the processing of images using Adobe Photoshop techniques developed specifically for this project
  3. using writing and photography, assist with documenting the project

These are all skill applicable to any creative practice.

Holly Reising