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Endless Stairs

2018-2019 Altman Symposium - Truth and Lies Day 2

Friday, May 3, 2019
9:00 am
Shriver Center

Schedule for Friday, May 3


9:00 AM Geoffrion Fellows Undergraduate Panel, Moderator: Ricky DeSantis

 Megan Zahneis, “Is Opinion the New Fact?: Examining the Role of Fact-Checking in Post-Truth Journalism”

 Amanda Brennan, “A Dangerous Political Truth: The Myth of the Individual and the Ethical Failure of Systems in the American Opioid Crisis”

Caroline Godard, “Reading Experience in the Work of Virginia Woolf, Walter Benjamin,and Annie Ernaux”

Madeleine Mitchell, “Playing Pretend or Telling the Truth? An Exploration of Truth and Lies on the Stage and Through Art”

Margaret Hamm, “‘Blessed is the nation’: Truth-Telling at the Intersection of Religion and Politics in Modern America”

Hannah Clarke, “Gender Presentation”


10:15 AM Break


10:30 AM Genres of Truth: Autobiography, Memoir, Historical Fiction, Moderator: Erik Jensen

Theresa Kulbaga, “#MeToo, Memoir, and the Problem of ‘Personal Truth’”

Anita Mannur, “Dragging Rocky Flats into Public View: Nuclia Waste, Full Body Burden, and the Truth about Radioactive Waste”

Casey Kuhajda, “On the Reluctant Environmentalist: Truth, Lies, and Environmental Justice in Autobiographical Narrative Nonfiction”

TaraShea Nesbit, “The History of Now: Why Write Historical Fiction?”


12:30 PM  Lunch


1:45 PM  Philosophies of Truth and Deception, Moderator:Theresa Kulbaga

Gaile Pohlhaus, Jr., “Epistemic Gaslighting and Resistance”

Emily Zakin, “Collective Self-Deception and the Idealizations that Bind”

Ricky DeSantis, “Post-truth and Postmodernism: D’Agata, Biss, and Derridean Deconstruction”

Andrea Righi, “The Nature of Truth in Thomistic Philosophy and Its Overcoming”


3:45 PM    Break


4:00 PM   Closing Keynote, Hélène Landemore, “Deliberative Democracy in the Age of Post-Truth Politics”

5:15 PM  Closing Reception

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