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The Trouble with Reality: A Rumination on Moral Panic in Our Time

Thursday, February 15, 2018
7:00 pm
Harry T. Wilks Theater, Armstrong Student Center

Brooke Gladstone is best known for the …pause…that Bob Garfield inserts before mentioning her name in the credits for On the Media. Among her other accomplishments, she was an NPR Moscow-based reporter, its first media reporter, senior editor of NPR’s All Things Considered, and the senior editor of Weekend Edition with Scott Simon. She has been a contributor to The Washington Post, The Boston Globe, The Observer,and Slate. Gladstone has appeared on PBS's Bill Moyers Journal and CNN's Reliable Sources. She is widely quoted as an expert on press trends.

 She also is the author of The Influencing Machine (W.W. Norton)a media manifesto in graphic form, listed among the top books of 2011 by The New Yorker, Publisher’s Weekly, Kirkus Reviews and Library Journal, and among the “10 Masterpieces of Graphic Nonfiction” by The Atlantic.

Photo above by Gavin Whitner
Brooke Gladstone
Brooke Gladstone
Journalist, NPR