multiperspective sketches of Gandhi

Mahatma Gandhi: Vegetarianism and Social Critique

Friday, October 20, 2017
5:30 pm
Harrison Hall 204

During his years in England (1888-1891), Gandhi learned of vegetarianism from historically informed global perspectives, studying the works available at the time. These studies by Henry Salt, Howard Williams, and Anna Kingsford affirmed Gandhi's own commitment to the practice and also challenged notions of European cultural supremacy. Hind Swaraj, published in 1909,  demonstrates Gandhi's constructive and insightful reluctance to support the status quo within the legal, medical, and educational professions. By critically examining the principles, premises, and promises of shallow market-driven enterprises, Gandhi suggests that we can attain the state of self-rule and discover true freedom.


** A lunch-time brown-bag yoga discussion will be coordinated with the Center of Mindfulness and Comparative Inquiry at Miami University-- in the Great Room of Macmillan Hall. 

Christopher Key Chapple
Christopher Key Chapple
Loyola Marymount University