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Melting Time, Volatile Pasts, and Vaporous History

Friday, May 1, 2020
4:00 pm
Heritage Room, Shriver Center

Vincent Bruyére is Assistant Professor of French at Emory University and a faculty affiliate in the Center for the Study of Human Health. Before joining Emory in 2013, he held assistant professorships at Penn State University and Algoma University (Canada). In 2012, he was a Humanities Research Centre visiting fellow at the Australian National University.

His research draws on literary theory, visual culture, and the history of the body in an effort to rethink contemporary politics of life, health, and sustainability in a historicized perspective.

In his new book, Perishability Fatigue: Forays in Environmental Loss and Decay (Columbia University Press, 2018), he asks, what is it like to have one’s present engendered by survivalist scenarios? What does it mean to be mortal or exhausted in the age of sustainability? The objective is to draw attention to the scripts and scenarios that mediate our relations to loss and decay, but also to emphasize the inequalities implicit in technologies of storage and burial, which promise continuity in the future to some while refusing it to others.

Vincent Bruyére
Vincent Bruyére
Associate Professor of French, Emory University