City scape

Religion in Urban America: Race, Immigration, and New Forms of Faith in US Cities

Thursday, April 12, 2018
4:30 pm
Kreger Hall 319

What does it mean to speak of "urban religion" in the 21st century United States? As the US becomes more religiously diverse, older categories of religious affiliation are being challenged by new ways of believing, practicing, and belonging. New immigrants have generated innovation and hybridity in religious traditions that have historically been considered "American." After reviewing how race and immigration have shaped urban religion in the past, sociologist Rhys Williams will examine the continuities and potential changes facing contemporary American society.

2018 Arthur C. Wickenden Memorial Lecture

Sponsored by the Department of Comparative Religion

Rhys H. Williams
Rhys H. Williams
Director McNamara Center for the Social Study of Religion, Loyola University Chicago