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Writing Stories with Help from Artificial Intelligence [Human and Computer Interaction in the Writing Process]

Wednesday, March 28, 2018
1:30 pm
Shideler Hall 001

The field of artificial intelligence has long envisioned using computers to automatically write stories. The objective of this endeavor is not necessarily to replace human story authors, but instead support them through collaboration. In this talk, I’ll present my work on a particular application that addresses this goal by automatically generating suggestions to authors for new sentences in a story they are writing. I’ll discuss my current findings on authors’ interactions with this application and show how these findings motivate future opportunities in relevant interdisciplinary research across computer science, linguistics, and psychology. 

Melissa Roemmele received her undergraduate degrees in psychology and linguistics from Miami University, and her Ph.D. in computer science from USC.

Sponsored by Department of Computer Science & Software Engineering, Department of English and Department of Psychology

Melissa Roemmele
Melissa Roemmele
University of Southern California