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The Altman Fellows Program is the signature program of the Miami University Humanities Center. Its goal is to foster collaboration, pedagogical innovation, and new research across the humanities and beyond.

Each year, the Humanities Center Steering Committee selects two Altman Fellows to plan a year of inquiry into a topic of their own design or, on occasion, into a special topic of particular urgency.  Altman Fellows help to recruit a cross-disciplinary team of faculty and student fellows to join the program, and they work with the director and steering committee to plan and coordinate a year-long interdisciplinary exploration of the topic.

The Altman Program includes a bi-weekly faculty seminar; an advanced undergraduate course on the annual theme, team-taught by faculty fellows; a student fellows program to enhance graduate study, undergraduate research, and public humanities work; and a substantial program of public events.  Public events are supported with Humanities Center funding and typically include a dozen distinguished lectures, readings and artist talks, works-in-progress presentations, and a spring symposium.

Application Information

Altman  Fellows Applications are due Friday, October 15, 2021.
Altman Faculty Scholars Applications are due Sunday, January 16, 2022.
Altman Graduate Fellow Applications are due Sunday, February 27, 2022.
Geoffrion Family Student Fellows are due Sunday, February 27, 2022.
An image of the globe made of yarn and feltAn iconic time-stop Muybridge photo depicting a pole vaulter in multiple positionsAn M.C. Escher drawing  of stairsA modern cityElectron microscopy of a virusClose up of an eyeballA nighttime view of a mountain under starsA Renaissance global mapAdam and eve in the garden of EdenAn abstract image of a nodal networkThe Holocaust Memorial in Berlin

About the Altman Fellows Program

Each year, the Humanities Center's steering committee invites teams of faculty to propose programs of interdisciplinary collaborative inquiry into topics of critical importance in the humanities. On occasion, the steering committee specifies an especially salient topic in advance. Potential Altman Fellows are invited to apply jointly or contact the director of the center for advice on potential collaborators. Finalist teams are sometimes invited to meet with the center's steering committee to discuss the possible program details prior to selection. The steering committee selects a team in the fall semester and program planning begins shortly thereafter.  Working with the steering committee and director, the Altman Fellows help to recruit and select a team of six or more Altman Faculty Scholars, one or two Altman Graduate Fellows, and six Geoffrion Undergraduate Fellows to join the program.  The Altman Fellows work with the director to plan all elements of the program: a substantial series of public events, including lectures, a spring symposium, and co-curricular programming; a bi-weekly faculty seminar; and a new, team-taught undergraduate course on the program theme. During the fellowship year, they work with the staff of the Humanities Center to host events, foster university-wide engagement in the program theme, present their own research to the community, and ensure the success of the program .

Each Altman Fellow receives a two-course teaching reduction during the program year and a professional development fund of $2,500. 

Duties of the Altman Fellows

How to Apply for the Altman Faculty Fellowship

The center invites applications from pairs of tenure-line faculty representing different humanities disciplines. Applications should outline the scope, significance, and salience of the topic, the major questions to be addressed, and how the program might address the needs of the humanities, the community, or the university. Applications should sketch the following: key intellectual issues of the proposed topic; their contemporary public relevance and their appeal across diverse disciplines or publics; possible features or initiatives of the proposed program, including possible visiting speakers and/or other special opportunities, events, or structures; the applicants’ qualifications, including past, ongoing or proposed research; the broad outlines of a proposed, team-taught course for advanced undergraduates; a list of Miami faculty, in and beyond the humanities, whose work might intersect with the topic and who might be valuable contributors to the program.  It is not necessary to contact or recruit facult in advance, only to suggest that the topic could attract a critical mass of participants. Applicants are encouraged to review previous programs, but the Altman Program is intended to encourage creativity and new programs need not replicate previous ones in structure. Junior faculty applicants should seek approval of their chairs and briefly address potential concerns that the program could slow their progress toward tenure. Interested faculty are strongly encouraged to meet with the director of the Humanities Center to discuss their ideas for the program or to gain advice on potential collaborators. Applications should be submitted as a single PDF document titled “[Applicants' Last Names] Altman Application.pdf” to by the deadline specified on the Faculty Opportunities page.

How to Join the Altman Program as an Altman Faculty Scholar

Once an Altman Program topic and Altman Fellows have been selected, the center issues a call for applications for Altman Faculty Scholars interested in joining the program's intellectual community. Altman Scholars are critical to the work of the programs' year-long, interdisciplinary faculty seminar.  Six or more are selected. Each receives a $2,500 professional expenses account and is expected to do the following: attend all Altman events and seminars; collaborate with other program faculty and students: present some research or creative work on campus during the year of the program; link their courses to the lecture series and public events of the program; and offer input on program events beginning in the spring prior to the program.  Applicants should be aware that most Altman Program events occur weekdays at 5 p.m. and that the faculty seminar usually meets Fridays around lunchtime. Selected faculty will be encouraged to request teaching assignments that do not conflict with these times.  The program is open to tenure-line and TCPL faculty.

Interested applicants should read the annual call for applications and provide the Humanities Center Steering Committee with a c.v. and a 1-2 page statement indicating how their research and teaching might contribute to, and benefit from, the program. Applicants must also provide the name of one or more outstanding students who could benefit from participation as undergraduate or graduate fellows.  These students will be invited to apply.

Applications should be submitted as a single PDF document titled “[Applicants' Last Names] Altman Application.pdf” to by the deadline specified on the Faculty Opportunities page.