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a 19th century photographer in front of a giant antique camera
The most important things in our lives are often the most overlooked.  This online lecture series invites us to contemplate objects that fundamentally reshaped human experience.  From concrete and porcelain to the birth control pill and the first blues recording, each talk explores the history and cultural legacy of a transformative human creation.

Launched in Spring 2021 and sponsored by the Friends of the Miami University Humanities Center, "Objects that Changed the World" aimed to reconnect Miami alumni with our nationally recognized humanities faculty. Now, the series lives on through recorded lecture. Using the links below, we invite you to return to the classroom to recall the central role of the humanities in a Miami education and modern society.  


Andrew Casper
Associate Professor of Art History
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"Crazy Blues"

Tammy Kernodle
Professor of Musicology
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Steve Tuck
Professor of Classics
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The Photograph

Pepper Stetler
Associate Professor of Art and Architecture History and Associate Director of the Humanities Center
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Birth Control Pill

Kimberly Hamlin
Associate Professor of History and Global and Intercultural Studies
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Michael Hatch
Assistant Professor of Art and Architecture History
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Model T

Steve Conn
W.E. Smith Professor of History
View Recorded Webinar


Sandra Garner
Associate Professor of Global and Intercultural Studies
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Mack Hagood
Robert H. and Nancy J. Blayney Associate Professor of Comparative Media Studies
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