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Antiracism Lab

Tammy Brown (Critical Race and Ethnic Studies) and Durell Callier (Educational Leadership)

Miami University faculty and students will collaborate with Cincinnati Public School (CPS) administrators and teachers to bring the digital divide while teaching African American history and antiracism philosophy. This lab will create a smartphone application to teach students at Aiken High School, a CPS school. Although studies have examined the efficacy of incorporating smartphones in the classroom, this lab will examine and implement digital pedagogy on a critical social issue. ​

The lab explores antiracism as a pedagogical approach and way of being in the world through the study of major themes in African American history and culture. Starting with the political landscape of slavery in the Americas and ending with critical analysis of race in twenty-first century America, students in the lab will analyze the complex and diverse ways in which peoples of African descent have constructed Black identities, confronted racial oppression, and forged transnational political and cultural alliances. The lab’s primary goal is to develop a smartphone app that will increase high school student engagement and foster a nuanced understanding of African American history and antiracist philosophy.


  • CRE151: Introduction to Critical Race and Ethnic Studies (Fall 2021)
  • EDL203: Introduction to Critical Youth Studies (Fall 2021)
  • HUM320: Humanities Lab, Teaching African American History and Antiracism Philosophy (Spring 2022)