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How Apprenticeships Work

This program places undergraduates into one-on-one collaborations with faculty.  Each fall, faculty members apply for funding to hire student research apprentices.  The Humanities Center advertises research apprenticeship opportunities on this page, and students are invited to apply starting in early September.  Faculty members make selections by the end of September.

Students interested in serving as research apprentices should check this page frequently during the fall. When a job becomes available, click here to apply.

Faculty members interested in the program should visit the Faculty Research Apprenticeship Program page for instructions on how to apply.

If you are interested in past apprenticeship projects please visit our archival page.

2020-2021  Apprenticeship Projects

Applications for 2020-21 Research Apprentice Positions are now OPEN. If you are interested in applying for one of the apprenticeships below, please use the form located HERE. For additional questions please email the center at

Emigrants in Spanish 19th century press

Marisol del-Teso-Craviotto

I am seeking a research apprentice for an ongoing project about the discursive construction of the migration imaginary in Spain (1880-2015). I have identified two newspapers from the 19th century and I am in the process of selecting relevant articles, and preparing them for quantitative analysis.The research apprentice will help me locate, download, prepare, and transfer relevant articles, and then find patterns and derive conclusions from the quantitative results. She should have an advanced level of Spanish, some course work on linguistics, and the ability to pay attention to details and make connections. In the process of this apprenticeship, the student will:

·      find relevant newspaper articles from the digital newspaper collection of the National Spanish Library.

·      prepare the documents for analysis.

·      find patterns and derive conclusions from the quantitative results.

Apprentice: Laney Rupert

Unpacking the Archive

Jeff Kruth

A research apprentice is sought to assist in organizing archival materials associated with the Over-the-Rhine People’s Movement in Cincinnati, OH. Work responsibilities include documentation and analysis of existing materials of the People’s Movement related social justice issues in the city. Specifically, this involves archival research and coding documents, as well as preparing content for production of a digital spatial humanities project tied to the Humanities Lab “Unpacking the Archive.” A background in visual design, history, or GIS mapping is preferable, though not necessary. Ideally, the apprentice holds an interest in civil rights history and the morphology of the city.

Apprentice: Whitney Lai

Concrete Leisure: Design and Public Space in the Wake of Urban Renewal

Elizabeth Keslacy

This project inquiries into the post-urban renewal landscapes of the American Midwest, particularly the plazas, fountains, and parks created to rejuvenate urban riverfronts and city centers in the face of declining residential populations, deindustrialization, and the growing civil rights movement. I seek a research apprentice to obtain literature on relevant sites in the architectural and popular presses, to identify and locate living members of the projects’ design teams, and to locate and request archival material related to their history. Applicants should have an interest in architectural and urban history, have experience with library research, and maintain organized, detailed records.

Apprentices: Kendra Soler and Mollie McNally (POSITION FILLED)

Institutional Determinants of Cybersecurity Policy

Benjamin Bartlett

Seeking a research assistant to aid in a project examining the cybersecurity policymaking process in South Korea by reading and summarizing materials written in Korean.

Responsibilities include:

·      Working with me to identify promising Korean-language documents.

·      Reading and summarizing those documents.

Knowledge of both Korean and English is required (nativeKorean and good English, or excellent Korean and good English). Because I do not read Korean, the applicant must be confident in their ability to summarize documents on their own. An interest in cybersecurity, politics, or public policy would be a plus; however, no previous knowledge of these subjects is required.

Apprentice: Minki Kim (POSITION FILLED)

Racing the Great White Way: Black Performance, Eugene O’Neill, and the Transformation of Broadway

Katie Johnson

I seek a Research Apprentice to assist with preparing my book manuscript for publication. Racing the Great White Way examines theatre’s centrality as a key cultural negotiator of identity, shaping attitudes toward citizenship, race, sexuality, and urbanization during the early twentieth century.  Racing the Great White Way shows how theatre (and, by extension, cultural practice) was changed by EugeneO’Neill’s plays as they were “raced” by actors of color, moved to alternate venues, and altered through performance choices and dramaturgical pairings. Applicants need to be able to conduct research, have a keen editorial eye, be organized, and self-driven.  

Apprentice: Rylee Jung (POSITION FILLED)

Political Participation, Information Manipulation, and Public Opinion in Russia

Hannah Chapman

I am seeking a research apprentice to aid in the development of a book manuscript examining the use and misuse of quasi-democratic forms of communication and participation in Putin’s Russia. Responsibilities include:

- Preparation of a detailed annotated bibliography and literature reviews.

- Description of case studies. The book also develops secondary case studies of participation opportunities in around the world. The research apprentice will be expected to develop detailed summary and description of the form and function of these participation opportunities using primary and secondary material.

- Reading the manuscript for clarity. The apprentice will be expected to read the manuscript and offer suggestions for how to make it more engaging for the intended audience.

Apprentice: Nancy Pellegrino (POSITION FILLED)
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