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Collaborate on a Faculty Research Project

This program allows undergraduates invaluable opportunties to learn research methods in a one-on-one collaboration with a faculty member.  Each fall, faculty members apply for the opportunity to bring undergraduate research fellows into their research projects.  The Humanities Center advertises research opportunities on this page, and students are invited to apply directly to faculty mentors starting in early September.  Faculty make nominations to the Humanities Center, and successful nominees are appointed as Student Research Fellows. Each fellowship involves work on a faculty research project, often leading to publication.  Projects involve different types of research and unfold over different time-periods with flexibility to accommodate the schedules of the student and the needs of the faculty member. At the end of the academic year, student fellows who complete the program successfully receive $450.

Students interested in serving as research apprentices should check this page frequently during the fall.  Click here to see open research opportunities.

Faculty members interested in the program should visit the faculty Research Fellows Program page for instructions on how to apply.

If you are interested in past research student-faculty collaborations please visit our archival page.

2021-2022  Apprenticeship Projects

If you are interested in applying for one of the apprenticeships below, please use the form located HERE. For additional questions please email the center at

Emigrants in 19th Century Spanish Press

Marisol del-Teso-Craviotto

I am seeking a research apprentice for an ongoing project about the discursive construction of the migration imaginary in Spain (1880-2015). I have identified two newspapers from the 19th century and I am in the process of selecting relevant articles, and preparing them for quantitative analysis.The research apprentice will help me locate, download, prepare, and transfer relevant articles, and then find patterns and derive conclusions from the quantitative results. The apprentice should have an advanced level of Spanish, some course work on linguistics, and the ability to pay attention to details and make connections. In the process of this apprenticeship, the student will:

·      find relevant newspaper articles from the digital newspaper collection of the National Spanish Library.

·      prepare the documents for analysis.

·      find patterns and derive conclusions from the quantitative results.

Digital Textual Analysis of the Works of Lorca

José Domínguez Búrdalo

One (or more) research apprentices is sought for an ongoing project on the use of symbols in Frederico Garcia Lorca’s literary opus. The professor has already studied the semantic field of ‘water’ in all of Lorca’s books edited online by Instituto Cervantes. The project will now continue in two directions. First, it will examine books beyond those edited by the Instituto Cervantes. Second, it will widen the symbolic spectrumto include  two new semantic fields: those related to the moon and to animals (a bestiary). The apprentice will collaborate in obtaining quantitative data on the use of the symbols using Antconc softwae. The apprentice will learn to make reflective notes on data analysis and apply the findings to literary analysis. Applicants should have a background in literary studies and a high-intermediate level of Spanish.

The position has been filed.

Spanish Environmental Cultural Studies

Luis I. Pradanos

A research apprentice is sought to aid in the final preparation of an edited book, Spanish Environmental Cultural Studies. The book will include multiple short, clear, provocative essays by a range of scholars. The apprentice will help proofread and edit the final versions of these essays. The apprentice will also work with the professor to make the volume reader-friendly and to identify and discuss common threads and gaps that can be addressed in the professor's introduction to the book. The ideal candidate should have iInterest and/or expertise in writing and editing (e.g., English or journalism majors); and interest in new interdisciplinary trends within the humanities (such as environmental humanities).

Concrete Leisure: Public Space, Recreation, And Black Political Agency in the American Rust Belt

Elizabeth Keslacy

This project inquiries into the post-urban renewal landscapes of the American Midwest, particularly the plazas, fountains, and parks created to rejuvenate urban riverfronts in the face of declining residential populations, deindustrialization, and the growing civil rights movement. I seek a research apprentice to locate, request and process archival material, published texts, and newspaper articles related to their history, to request drawings from government entities, and to identify and locate living members of the projects’ design teams where possible. Applicants should have an interest in architectural and urban history, have experience with library research, and maintain organized, detailed records. I will provide guidance and training for all of these tasks.

The position has been filed.

Phantom Power Podcast Apprentice

Mack Hagood

Phantom Power, a podcast on sound in the arts and humanities, seeks a research apprentice to handle transcript creation, web content management, and social media promotion. Training will be provided for all tasks. Transcription will be aided by AI transcription software. If the apprentice is interested in audio production specifically, the job responsibilities can be shifted somewhat in that direction. Students with knowledge of/interest in sound, audio technology, podcasting, experimental music, or sound art will really enjoy this apprenticeship and are highly encouraged to apply! No previous work experience is required, but skills in writing, web design, or social media promotion are a big plus.

“Supernatural” Fandom Research Study

Carolyn Hardin

Seeking a research apprentice to help with an interview-based project focused on fans of the television show “Supernatural”. The apprentice will transcribe interviews, search social media posts for themes and key terms, and process collected data. The apprentice should be proficient in Excel and a quick and efficient typist. Experience with Qualtrics is a plus. The apprenticeship will run from December 1, 2021 to March 31, 2022 and consist of approximately 6 hours of work per week in December and January and approximately 3 hours per week in February and March.

Jimi Hendrix: From Bluesman to Psychedelic Philosopher

Tammy Brown

Seeking a research apprentice to assist  with finding, analyzing and organizing primary and secondary sources for a biography of rock and roll virtuoso Jimi Hendrix titled Jimi Hendrix: From Bluesman to Psychedelic Philosopher. Based on several years of research into Jimi Hendrix’s cultural and political significance and impact, the study has recently taken  a new turn. In addition to analyzing how Hendrix used his music to transcend binary racial categories of black and white, gendered notions of masculine and feminine, as well as widespread distinctions between the sacred and the profane, the project will examine in how he challenged widespread stereotypes of black manhood and masculinity. Hendrix’s ideas of patriotism and spirituality are also interconnected with this question of challenging stereotypes. Thus, a research apprentice would assist with the following:

  • Collect and analyze scholarly sources on the topic of Black manhood and masculinity in America.
  • Collect and analyze media descriptions of Jimi Hendrix pertaining to categories of race and gender.
  • Collect and analyze newspaper and magazine sources that reference Jimi Hendrix’s concept of the “Electric Church.”
  • Research and analyze primary sources that provide insights into Jimi Hendrix’s maternal grandmother’s Native American heritage. Determine whether his indigenous ancestry shaped his sense of spirituality.
  • Keep a digital log of research findings.
  • Participate in weekly meetings to discuss research progress.