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Work Collaboratively with a Student Research Fellow

The Humanities Center invites faculty to apply to mentor student research fellows.

The Student Research Fellowship Program teaches undergraduates humanities research methods in a hands-on, cooperative experience. Faculty instruct students on best practices of humanities research by involving them in research projects. Students acquire experience with humanities research methodologies and gain unique insights into the challenges and benefits of humanities research.  

Faculty interested in involving students in their research should send a 1- to 2-page application describing 1) an ongoing or planned research project; 2) a description of how the student fellow will contribute to and what the student will gain from the experience;  3) any qualifications the student fellow should have; 4) all prior years in which the faculty member has received funding for this program. Faculty applicants should give careful consideration to both the capabilities and limitations of student research fellows. In past years, student fellows have worked with faculty to develop the following skills:

Projects selected for funding will be widely advertised to students by the Humanities Center. Interested students will write directly to the faculty project mentor. After a period of two weeks, faculty will select one or more students for a fellowship. After review, the center will appoint qualified students as research fellows. Fellows must agree to submit a two-page report describing their experience and explaining what they have learned, how it has supplemented their academic experience, and how it may apply to their own proposed research. Faculty mentors receives research support funding of $1000 for supervising the student;  student research fellows receive a scholarship of $450 after the Humanities Center approves the fellow’s written project report.  

Awards for this program are made on a rolling basis beginning early in the fall semester and continuing until funding is exhausted.  Please consult the Faculty Opportunities page for deadline information and updates about program funding.

Examples of past Research Apprentices and Projects can be found in the Research Apprentice Archive.

Applications are reviewed on a rolling basis beginning early in the fall semester. Applications should be emailed to The Steering Committee of the Center will meet to make awards shortly after that date. Faculty may apply at any time, but once funding is exhausted, no more projects will be funded this academic year. Research fellowships are academic awards designed to enhance the students' academic experience and curriculum.  

The Student Research Fellowship program is part of a suite of Humanities Center programs that stimulate faculty-student collaboration. These include an Undergraduate Methods Workshop, the Geoffrion Undergraduate Fellows Program, and the Humanities Labs. These programs aim not only to cultivate advanced student learning but also to educate students about faculty research projects by fostering student contributions. Aligning student and faculty research is expected to make student-teacher partnerships more productive and mutually beneficial.

Research fellows are not to be utilized in any manner that could be construed as being “suffered” to work and/or produce specific output that would further the faculty mentor in their employment duties and responsibilities.