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Receive the Help of a Student Research Fellow

The Humanities Center invites faculty to apply for research assistance from student apprentices.

The apprenticeship program places faculty and outstanding students in mutually beneficial collaborations aimed at advancing faculty research.  Apprentices develop one-on-one relationships with faculty and gain valuable experience in humanities research.  Faculty receive help on ongoing projects. Such partnerships sometimes lead to supervision of independent student research, but the Apprenticeship Program is not intended to replace independent studies for credit.  Its aim is to provide faculty with  assistance on major research projects and to teach students humanities research methods in a hands-on, cooperative program.

Interested faculty should send a 1- to 2-page application describing 1) an ongoing or planned research project; 2) a workplan describing how the apprentice will contribute to the project; and 3) any qualifications the apprentice should have. Faculty applicants are encouraged to consider both the capabilities and limitations of student research fellows. Apprentices have successfully completed the following kinds of tasks:

Projects selected for funding will be widely advertised to students by the Humanities Center. Interested students should inquire with the faculty project supervisor. After a period of at least two weeks, faculty will nominate one or more students for an apprenticeship.  After review, the center will appoint qualified students as research fellows. Upon completion of the project, the faculty mentor receives research support funding of $1000, and the apprentice receives a research fellowship  of $425.  The Steering Committee may adjust funding up or down for unusually large or unusually focused projects.  Mentors may use their professional expenses to provide for the appointment of additional student fellows. Research fellowships are academic awards, not payment for labor. The apprentice is paid at the end of the academic year.

Examples of past Research Apprentices and Projects can be found in the Research Apprentice Archive.

Applications are reviewed on a rolling basis beginning on September 3, 2021. Applications should be emailed to The Steering Committee of the Center will meet to make awards shortly after that date. Faculty may apply at any time, but once funding is exhausted, no more projects will be funded this academic year. All available funding for 2021-2022 has been allocated, so the committee will not consider applications until next year.

The Research Apprenticeship Program is part of a suite of new Humanities Center programs to stimulate faculty-student collaboration.  These include a new Undergraduate Methods Workshop, the Humanities Scholars Program, the Altman Undergraduate Fellows Program, and the Luxembourg Summer Research Institute. These programs aim not only to cultivate advanced student work but also to educate students about the actual faculty research projects.  Aligning independent student work with live faculty research is expected to make student-teacher partnerships more productive and mutually beneficial.