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Altman Symposium

Friday, April 21, 2023
9:00 am
Shriver Center, Heritage Room

The 2022-2023 Altman Symposium ends the year's theme, Contesting Authority, with Keynotes delivered by Kate Manne and James Ingram on Thursday and Friday respectively. The Altman faculty fellows and Geoffrian Undergratude Fellows will also present research conducted over the course of the year.

Symposium planning is below:

Contesting Authority

The 2022-2023 Altman Program Symposium

Thursday, April 20


Welcome and Introductions


Histories of Authority

Moderator: Tim Melley

Daniel Prior, “Depersonalizing Cosmological Authority”

Cynthia Klestinec, “Contesting Authority in Early Modern Venice: The Conflict

Between Physicians and the Catholic Church”

Steven Conn, “Back to the '90s: The Cold War, Authority, and What Happened

to Pragmatism?”


Coffee Break


Ethos and Authority

Moderator: Steve Conn

Ron Becker,  “Multicultural Empowerment Narratives and the Question of

Queer Moral Authority”  

Emily Lange, ‘You Might Not Have Noticed, But I’m White”: Classroom

Authority and Standpoint Theory Pedagogy”

Joseph O’Neil, “Socratic Authority, Authenticity, and the Politics of Parrhēsia

4:30- 5:00    

Coffee Break

5:00 p.m.        

Keynote Lecture

Kate Manne, Cornell University

"He Said, She Listened: Mansplaining, Gaslighting, and Epistemic Entitlement"



Friday, April 21


Geoffrion Fellows Undergraduate Panel

Moderator: Pepper Stetler

Micaela Anders, “The Working-Class War and the Glass City: Reflections of the      Vietnam War in Lancaster, Ohio”

Alyssa Benson,”Memory and Narrative: The History of the Holodomor as Told by Russia, Ukraine, and the Soviet Union”

Jacky Linden, “Moral Authority as a Weapon in the International Arena”

Liam Martin, “Nowhere: Central Asia in the American Consciousness”

Alex Massa,”The Italian Unconscious: A Lens for Contemporary Politics in Italy”

Carson Minter, “‘You’re Not Black’: An Analysis of Black Cultural Authority

through the Anthology of Spike Lee”

Joey Puckett, ”Rationality and Spirituality: Contrasting Designs for Rehabilitation of American Prisoners, 1870-1920 and 1944-1965”

Grace Seifert, “Gender, Resistance, and Existence after the US-Dakota War of 1862”

10:45-11:00    Coffee Break


Leadership and Authority

Moderator: Joe O’Neil

Ann Wainscott, “Is Authoritarianism a Useful Concept?”

Brian Danoff, "I Claim Not to Have Controlled Events': Arendt and Lincoln on Leadership versus Rule"




Keynote Lecture

James Ingram, McMaster University

“Authority and Emancipation”


Podcasting Authority

A Collaborative Project of the Geoffrion Undergraduate Fellows