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an empty art hall with lined photographs

Brianna Gluszak: AWOOGA: A recontextualization of the gaze through visual art projects

Thursday, April 4, 2024
5:50 pm
Art 100

Brianna Gluszak (they/them) received a bachelor’s of fine art in glass from The Alberta University for the Arts in 2016 and a master’s of fine art in interdisciplinary practices from The Ohio State University in 2022. Gluszak has participated in residencies at The Royal Danish Academy of Architecture, Design, and Conservation in Nexø, Denmark, Harbourfront Centre in Toronto, ON and Northlands Creative Glass in Lybster, Scotland. Gluszak’s artwork and research is currently funded by The Canada Council for the Arts for participation in research at the Billy Ireland Cartoon Museum at The Ohio State University and corresponding artwork production.

They describe their work, "I have recently found myself caught in a look, one that permeates all of my being. The kind of look that doesn’t bounce off, and doesn’t seem to disappear, though it only lasted a moment. Together, we will explore these looks and the contexts they are often found in. Featured artwork will exploit the hard-edged masculine oriented, white-walled cube, commonly referred to as the gallery."

Brianna Gluszak
Brianna Gluszak