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A robot arm reaches out to touch a human hand reminiscent of Michelangelo's the creation of Adam

Designs for Living: Rethinking the Medical Model of Disability through Architecture

Thursday, November 10, 2016
4:00 pm
Shideler 152

David Serlin is the author of a prizewinning history of science, Replaceable You: Engineering the Body in Postwar America (Chicago, 2004), and the editor of Imagining Illness (Minnesota, 2010), a collection of essays on public health and visual culture. Serlin’s work on the cultural history of public health and disability touches on prosthetics, bathroom politics, queerness and the military, environmental architecture, and medicine in the media. He has co-edited a number of essay collections, is a frequent contributor to Radical History Review, and has written articles for the Journal of Women’s History, History of Psychology, and the Journal of Visual Culture, among others. His new book about disability and architecture is forthcoming from the University of Chicago Press.

Reception to follow.

David Serlin
David Serlin
Associate Professor of Communication, University of California, San Diego