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Prisons are Not the New Asylums and Other Myths of Deinstitutionalization and Abolition

Tuesday, April 11, 2023
7:00 pm
Shideler Hall, Room 152 | Zoom

Dr. Ben-Moshe will question the idea that prisons are today "the new asylums." By doing so, she will nuance the relation between disability/madness and mass incarceration. The talk will interrogate the medicalization and criminalization of homelessness and the disabling effects of imprisonment. Ben-Moshe will question the story that deinstitutionalization failed and led people to being homeless and then incarcerated.

Co-sponsored by J. Scott and Susan MacDonald Miller Center for Student Disability Services and Miami University Humanities Center.

Liat Ben-Moshe
Liat Ben-Moshe
Associate Professor of Criminology, Law and Justice, University of Illinois at Chicago