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In Defense of Enemies of the People: The Political Red Cross in Revolutionary Russia

Monday, April 22, 2024
11:40 am
Harrison Hall 202

The fifth and final lecture in the Havighurst Center's spring 2024 colloquium series, "Revolutionary Russia."

Stuart Finkel is currently working on a multi-volume project surveying the long, complex history of aid to political prisoners & exiles in Russia and the Soviet Union, critically engaging with the burgeoning scholarship on the origins and genesis of international humanitarianism & human rights. The first book, "Victims of the Struggle for Liberty: Helping Prisoners and Exiles in Late Imperial Russia," which details the origins of "political philanthropy" in the late nineteenth century, is completed and should be available soon. The second entitled "Revolutionary Philanthropy: Aid to Political Prisoners and Exiles in Late Imperial Russia," will provide a detailed examination of the so-called "Political Red Cross," led by Ekaterina Peshkova, which lobbied on behalf of political prisoners and exiles from 1918 to 1937.

Stuart Finkel
Stuart Finkel
Associate Professor of Russian Studies at Dartmouth College