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black and white picture of a man driving model T car

Model T

Wednesday, April 14, 2021
12:00 pm
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Perhaps no single object transformed American politics, landscape, and culture more than the automobile. The Model T started that transformation and in this lecture we'll trace its many influences.

Register for this lecture here. Please reach out to J.J. Slager,, with questions.  

Steve Conn is W.E. Smith Professor of History and is the author of numerous books on American history, most recently Nothing Succeeds Like Failure: The Sad History of American Business Schools (Cornell UP 2019).

Objects that Changed the World is a new collaboration between the Miami University Humanities Center and the Alumni Association. Featuring Miami’s nationally recognized faculty in the humanities, each lecture is inspired by an object of such prevalence today it might be easily overlooked and develops original insights and novel lessons about the object in question. We invite all alumni to reconnect with faculty and to show their support for the Humanities Center’s mission to advocate for the central place of the humanities in both the university and wider society.

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Steve Conn
Steve Conn
W.E. Smith Professor of History