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an empty art hall with lined photographs

Neil Daigle Orians: What are you haunted by?

Thursday, April 18, 2024
5:50 pm
Art 100

As contemporary artists, we experience the repetitious nature of haunting through cyclical global events. How are we haunted by imperialism, climate catastrophe, gender, oppression, and so on? What can we learn from the things that haunt us? This talk offers one possibility through a practice that centers print media, narrative, and historical research.

Neil Daigle Orians (they/he) is an artist, educator, and curator based in Cincinnati, OH. They have exhibited and completed residencies at nationally recognized organizations, recently including the Morgan Conservatory in Cleveland, OH and IPCNY in New York, NY. They are currently printmaking area head and an assistant professor of fine arts at the University of Cincinnati.

Neil Daigle Orians
Neil Daigle Orians