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Political Ecology and Postgrowth Futures

Wednesday, February 24, 2021
4:00 pm

In the last few decades population sizes of wildlife decreased by 60% globally. Is it really smart to educate people to technologically and theoretically refine a system that operates by undermining the conditions of possibility for our biophysical survival? Is it smart to make a destructive system smarter, more sophisticated, and more efficient? Most classroom practices, curriculum content, and departmental programs across academic disciplines are designed as if the answer to these questions would be “yes.” To challenge this inertia, Dr. Prádanos explains a teaching method that he calls “The Pedagogy of Degrowth” as well as a research agenda based on environmental humanities and the concept of Postgrowth Imaginaries.

Luis I. Prádanos (Iñaki)
Luis I. Prádanos (Iñaki)
Associate Professor of Spanish