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Restorative justice books

Restorative Justice at the University

Thursday, November 11, 2021
6:00 pm

Register here for this virtual event.

As part of the current push for racial justice in our society, universities across the country are responding to demands for truth-seeking and repair. The Western Center for Social Impact will feature a conversation with Dr. Kyra Shahid to engage the Miami Community in this vital conversation. This virtual event is free and open to the public.

Dr. Shahid, a Miami alumna, will share her insights as a higher education DEI consultant. She specializes in racial healing and culturally restorative educational development. Dr. Shahid brings a wealth of knowledge on restorative justice and reparations. While at Xavier University she pioneered the Stained Glass Initiative and held the first Universities Studying Slavery Symposium in a Northern state in collaboration with the University of Cincinnati. She currently serves as Associate Director of the Center for Research on Learning and Teaching at the University of Michigan.

This is part of the Western Center for Social Impact and Innovation's biennial theme on Reparations as Restorative Justice. Dr. Rodney Coates is the Western Center's Collaborating Scholar on this theme. If you are unfamiliar with the drivers of our current socio-cultural conversations on race and restorative justice, we strongly recommend you view one of Dr. Coates' recent presentations before this event as it provides helpful historic and current context: A 12-Step Program for Decolonizing the University: A Conversation with Rodney Coates and Juneteenth 2021.

Kyra Shahid
Kyra Shahid
Higher Education DEI Consultant