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A woman picks wilted crops from parched earth

Seeking a Good Path in the Anthropocene

Monday, September 15, 2014
5:00 pm
Wilks Theater, Armstrong Student Center

Andrew C. Revkin is an American non-fiction, science, and environmental writer. He has spent a quarter century covering subjects ranging from Hurricane Katrina and the Asian tsunami to the assault on the Amazon and the troubled relationship of climate science and politics.  A reporter for the New York Times from 1995–2009, Revkin currently writes the Dot Earth environmental blog for The Times‘ Opinion Pages and serves as Senior Fellow for Environmental Understanding at the Pace Academy for Applied Environmental Studies at Pace University. He has written books on the Amazon rain forest, global warming and the once and future Arctic. Before joining The Times, Mr. Revkin was a senior editor of Discover, a staff writer for the Los Angeles Times, and a senior writer at Science Digest. Mr. Revkin has a biology degree from Brown and a Master’s degree in journalism from Columbia. He has taught at Columbia’s Graduate School of Journalism and the Bard College Center for Environmental Policy.

Reception to follow.

Andrew Revkin
Andrew Revkin
Science writer, journalist, and author of the New York Times’ Dot Earth blog