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POSTPONED: Linda Singer Memorial Lecture: The Conspiracy Against Men

Thursday, March 19, 2020
4:30 pm
103 Hall Auditorium (Green Room)

Feminism has reawakened. So too has men's anxiety about being unjustly punished by vengeful women. What animates the cultural hysteria about false rape accusations, social media 'lynchings', and a MeToo movement that has gone 'too far' before it has scarcely begun? Amia Srinivasan, Chichele Professor of Social and Political Theory at Oxford University, UK, explores campus rape, #BelieveHer, the Kavanaugh case and other recent displays of our legal and cultural treatment of sexual assault. How do race, religion, class, sexuality and gender affect the way we treat allegations of rape? What do the statistics for rape conviction and false rape accusation tell us about the social and sexual distribution of justice? When we talk about sexual assault, Dr. Srinivasan argues, we are always also talking about the culture of male entitlement.

Dr. Amia Srinivasan
Dr. Amia Srinivasan
Chichele Professor of Social and Political Theory, All Souls College, Oxford, UK