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heads interconnected through use of color

The Controversy Surrounding 'E': Inclusions and Exclusions in the Struggle for Gender Neutrality in Spanish

Monday, April 1, 2019
6:00 pm
Irvin Hall 040

"What the 'L'" is an informal series of talks showcasing works-in-progress by Miami faculty in language-related disciplines. Refreshments and pizza will be served at the event.This talk focuses in the current discussions on the use of “e” as an indicator of gender neutrality in Spanish. For this purpose, it draws on Linguistic, Feminist, and Political approaches to inclusive language, as well as how it has engendered reactionary responses from a vast number of public and private organizations—some of them with alleged progressive leanings. Far from telling “rights from wrongs”, the presentation will discuss the discourses that have invigorated this topic both within and outside of academia, while highlighting the need of using radical strategies to achieve a real change in the current understanding of the relationship between gender, identity, and language.\

Juan Camilo Galeano Sanchez is a Ph.D in Romance Languages and Literatures from the University of Cincinnati. He is a Visiting Assistant Professor in the Department of Spanish and Portuguese, where he teaches Basic and Intermediate Spanish. His research draws on the links between identities, Politics, and History in Spanish Language and Latin American Literature. He also serves as a member of the Administrative Hearing Boards, with the Office of Community Standards at Miami University.

Juan Camilo Galeano Sánchez
Juan Camilo Galeano Sánchez
Visiting Assistant Professor, Department of Spanish and Portuguese