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COVID Temporality: The 2019-2020 Geoffrion Family Fellows Symposium

Friday, May 1, 2020
10:00 am

Event Program

10:00 Introduction         

Timothy Melley, Director of the Miami University Humanities Center

10:05 Geoffrion Family Fellows Research Presentations

Emily Brady, “The Hands of Time: The Temporality of the Doomsday Clock and a Discussion of Time”

Sydney Chuen, “Narrative Time in Bande Dessinée and Explorations in Chronopolitics”

Avery Comar, "Polite Propaganda: Narratives of Progress and Stagnation in Brezhnev-Era Soft Power”

Tavis Enderle, "Perspectives in Temporal Ontology: Between Presentism and Eternalism"

Diana Kate Karsanow, "Ephemeral Documentation: Gordon Matta-Clark’s Conical Intersect"

Henry Roach, "All Tomorrow's Parties: the Role of Agential Identity in Diachronic Agency"

11:25 Roundtable: COVID Temporality

Emily Brady, Sydney Chuen, Avery Comar, Tavis Enderle, Diana Kate Karsanow, Henry Roach

Panelists will discuss how the COVID shutdown has affected their sense of time and how a year-long study of time and temporality affected their experience of this strange moment in world history.  

11:50 The Geoffrion Fellows Collaborative Project: Podcasts on Time and Temporality

2019-2020 Geoffrion Undergraduate Fellows