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Do you love literature, history, philosophy, and culture?

Each year, the Humanities Center invites a select group of new Miami University students to join its University Academic Scholars Program. Students are selected on the basis of their accomplishments in high school and their interest in exploring the power of history, languages, literature, film, civics, philosophy, religion and the arts. Humanities Scholars are invited into a first-year seminar connected to our signature intellectual program, the John W. Altman Series. Each year, this program fosters inquiry about a different issue of major public consequence. The program involves a campus-wide collaboration of faculty, students, and several internationally distinguished visiting scholars.

The Humanities Scholars program does not require a humanities major, only a conviction that the humanities subjects foster creativity, critical problem-solving, and an appreciation of human commonalities and differences. Democratic society relies fundamentally on the humanities. Good citizens must be historically and culturally literate, and a healthy democracy requires leaders who understand the history, human experience, and potential consequences of our rapidly changing and increasingly interconnected world.  

The Humanities Scholars program offers students opportunities to move rapidly into individual research projects—a relatively rare undergraduate achievement that is highly prized by both employers and graduate admissions boards. Yet the goal of this experience is not necessarily graduate school; Humanities Scholars train for a broad range of professions. A large body of research now shows that humanities majors enjoy an unusual diversity of careers, are exceptionally happy in their jobs, and outperform most of their peers on graduate admissions (including admission to medical and law schools).

Humanities Scholars with science journalist Sonia Shah

Current Humanities Scholars

Abbigail Martin
Abigail Kemper
Abigail Kussow
Alexandria Clements
Alexis Metz
Anna Eyre
Anna Jankovsky
Anna Maltbie
Anne Campion
Avery Waco
Carissa Ruffin
Caroline Sausser
Charles Naus
Chase Bailey
Dierdre Jost
Edward Orzech
Eleanor Miller
Elizabeth Piszel
Ellen Stenstrom
Emma Karrenbauer
Faith Walker
Gabriel Simpatico
Gracie Limauro
Isabela Liu
Isabella Bocija
Isabella Corder
Ivan Wehner
Jacob Szulewski
James West
Jason Cook
Jennifer Orr
Jessi Wright
Jessica Robinson
Julia Brannon
Katherine Schmidt
Kaylee Hopkins
Kendall Mason
Kyla Stone
Kyra Lough
Lilia Bandola
Madeline Gartin
Madeline Whistler
Madilyn Moeller
Madison Gibson
Mary Lane
Mary Seaman
Matthew Stevens
Nicholas Jaworski
Nicholas Murphy
Olivia Ragio
Paige Gerenz
Rachel Strohl
Rhonda Krehbiel
Samuel Keeling
Sara Carnahan
Sarah Berg
Sarah Camino
Sarah Gaddy
Sarah Siegel
Shannon Conroy
Shelby Frye
Sophie Crist
Taylor Kirkland
Timothy Binnig