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Recognition for deep study of literature, history, philosophy, and culture.

Students of the humanities develop an invaluable sense of historical perspective, a facility with language, cross-cultural competence, ethical bearings, and a capacity to wrestle with deep and enduring human questions. Employers repeatedly list these capacities as the things they seek most in new hires.

The Humanities Engagement Certificate allows students to develop these valuable qualities while studying the things they love--history, great books, art, religion, and the structure of human thinking itself.  

A minimum of 12 credit-hours in three different humanities departments (Art and Architecture History; English; History; Philosophy; GRAMELAC; Global and Intercultural Studies; French, Italian, and Classics; Spanish and Portuguese; Film Studies; Media and Communication; Comparative Religion; and language courses not numbered 101,102, 201, or 202).

Attendance at a minimum of eight in-person events that are listed on the Humanities Center’s events calendar. Students are encouraged to consistently attend these events while at Miami, averaging two per semester. Students must then submit and approximately 300-word response to the event on Canvas.  

Engagement in research or community outreach as demonstrated by participation in at least two of the following:  

  • Paths to Research in the Humanities
  • Research Apprenticeship Program
  • Winter Research Workshop
  • Humanities Lab (HUM320)
  • Geoffrion Family Undergraduate Fellowship
  • Student Citizens Program Mentorship
  • Completing an honors thesis in a humanities department
  • Completing a University Summer Scholars (USS) research project in a humanities department
A group of students posing with science journalist Sonia Shah
Humanities Engagement Scholars with science journalist Sonia Shah