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Community for Newer Faculty Members

Participants may be invited to talk briefly about their research. Sessions will be devoted to issues in research and publishing; major intellectual currents; work-in-progress; balancing teaching and research, work and personal life; opportunities for support and collaboration; research clusters and working groups; common teaching challenges; grants and fellowships; and other topics central to the lives of junior faculty members.  Senior faculty members and external visitors will circulate through the program to moderate, present information, or act as sounding boards on topics.  Members are invited to propose topics of interest to the director of the humanities center.  

Interested assistant professors should send a one-sentence statement of interest to with the heading “Junior Faculty Seminar.”  

Please include a teaching schedule for the year and note any major scheduling conflicts (e.g. childcare logistics; regular doctor appointments) and dietary restrictions.  Meetings will be scheduled to accommodate the largest number of interested participants. The Junior Faculty Seminar aims to foster community and cross-disciplinary connections among junior faculty in the humanities and allied disciplines.  The seminar meets several times per semester over lunch or drinks (provided by the Humanities Center).  Each meeting will mix social interaction with discussion of some topic.