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July 19, 2017

Miami "Poet's Shack" Resident Argued Democracy Depended on the Humanities

Percy MacKaye
R.M. Hughes

Percy MacKaye, who occupied the "Poet's Shack" recently memorialized in Bishop Woods, reportedly convinced fellow writer Robert Frost to pursue a residency at the University of Michigan after finding Miami University a hospitable environment for his own work. In 1921, MacKaye praised then-president of Miami R.M. Hughes for creating the "first fellowship in creative art established for a man of letters in America." 

In "University Fellowships in Creative Art," MacKaye set forth a case for university support of creative activity. MacKaye and Hughes seemed to share a vision of the university as an essential element of American life and to agree on the importance of creative expression to the development of citizenship. You can download a pdf of MacKaye's original essay.

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